Strategic studies;

Preparation of analyzes related to development opportunities and meet the challenges facing the water sector.

Defining strategies for sustainable development of the Water Sector. Preparation of strategic approaches to development and maintenance of sustainable compatibility between objectives and resources.

Master plan studies;

Creating master plans for urban areas and agglomerations, including development of the water and wastewater systems and facilities.

Preparation of a long-term and short-term investment programs associated with the development of water and wastewater systems and facilities.

Feasibility studies;

Feasibility studies concerning the water sector in order to clarify the investment construction intention.

Еngineering studies, including geological, geotechnical, hydrological and others. Preparation of alternative solutions and technical-economic substantiation to determine cost-effectiveness efficiency of investment planning intention. Selecting the most suitable option.

Financial modelling of the water utilities;

Detailed financial modelling, analyses and evaluations of the different ways of financing related to investment projects in the water sector.

Financial, economic and regulatory overviews;

Preliminary studies (Conceptual design);

Technical designs;

Detailed designs;

On site Supervision;